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Parallel and intersection–2016 Exhibition of Excellent artworks from Art Academy of North America

Collecting artworks for an Exhibition in Beijing, and artists would have a chance to visit Beijing, China for 6 days. Artist who is interesting in this can contact us but the time is somewhat urgent. Please contact us in this week.

To submit:

First step: send pictures of your two pieces of artwork to goldenmapledesign@gmail.com, with the information of the artworks (title, size, materials, etc), and introduction of yourself (with personal picture).

Second step: After reviewing by specialists in China Artist Association, please mail or send your artworks to the following address:

America Global Art Museum Preparatory Office, 3061 W Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91803.

Receiver: Duo Xu, phone: 626-238-8033

Note: Your artworks are not necessary to be framed. All frame work will be done by Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China (OCCFC, http://www.qlgy.org/)


Time: March 5, 2016 (Beijing)

Artistic Director: All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, China Artists Association

Organizer: “Yi Pin” Magazine Company and America Arts Research Institute.

Curator: ZHU, Junbo

Exhibition Site: Oversea Chinese History Museum of China (National Level)

      Address: 1 Beixinqiao 3rd Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Sponsor: Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China

An artist whose artworks are selected for this exhibition and who is willing to be present at the opening ceremony of this exhibition would be the member of the delegation.

All Benefits sponsored by OCCFC:

1, For members of the delegation: Airport pickup and delivery, the cost of all accommodations and logistics of the Exhibition in Beijing (6 days with 5 stars hotel, dinners, and so on), except air ticket which should be at personal charges.

2, Mounting and framing all artworks presented in this exhibition (Transportation to China and insurance of artworks are covered by America Arts Research Institute).

3, Printing top-grade exquisite album of artworks.

4, All media and broadcast

5, Family members of a member of delegation may enjoy the same benefits. Please apply early if there is a need to bring any family member.

6, Members might have a chance to meet with Chinese National leaders

Organizing Committee:

Chairman: Ting Shaokuang, Liu Dawei, Geng Ying

Deputy Chairman: He Jining, Yang Jianli, Zhang Jingcheng, Chen Guozhong, Zhou Pingguang, Tao Haixin, Zhang Di

Advisory Board: Huang Gesheng, Chen Chuanxi, Lin Xiaozhi, Wu Yueshi, Liu Huaishan, Jiang Kun, Guo Junliang, Jiang Qiguang

Member: Ting Youhai, Shang Delin, He Huaishuo, Lao Jixiong, Li Bingqi, Li Chen, Lin Zhuoqi, Liu Dingrong, Qian Zifen, Gan Fuzhong, Guo Runlin, Wang Yue, Wang Dawen, Zhu Long, Xin Pengjiu, Zhang Keke, Zhao Hongbo, Zhang Hong, Dai Mingkang

Arts Council: Liu Dawei, Ting Shaokuang, Geng Ying, Zhang Jingcheng, Zhou Pingguang, Tao Haixin, Ting Youhai, Zhu Chengjun, Lao Jixiong, Li Bingqi, Yang Yuanwei

Art Support Committee: Zhang Di (Chairman), Liu Minghao, Zhang Jing’an

The Secretary-Genrenal: Yang Jianli

Deputy Secretary-General: Yao Jiazhen, Zhang Kaiting, Cao Xianmin, Xu Duo

Legal Adviser: Li Bin, Li Jun

About the Art Academy of North America:  In order to unite and encourage global artists to create artworks related to their oversea lives, promote love and peace, a leader of Consulate-General of the people’s republic of China in Los Angeles and Mr. Yang Jianli, the Executive president of America Arts Research Institute, proposed the concept of “the North America Arts Group” in 2014. It’s greatly supported by Dr. Chen, who is a famous educator and one of the CPPCC National Committee. To move this grand project forward and attract more artists in the world, a dedicated organization, Art Academy of North America, was founded by the advocators, promoters and key members.

This Exhibition series is organized by “Yi Pin” Magazine Company and America Arts Research Institute.

Meaning of “Parallel and intersection”:

Parallel and intersection among past and future

Parallel and intersection among Eastern and Western

Parallel and intersection among tradition and development

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