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Since founded, America Arts Research Institute (AARI) gradually set up branches around the world, built up a platform for art developing and marketing based on the principle of “Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend”. In aspects of artistic innovation, AARI successfully launched topics like: depicting the American landscape with Chinese painting methods, painting the Chinese landscape with Western oil painting materials, and developing unique techniques like “Golden-Pen-Heavy-Color”, all these have got some achievements.

According to the artistic trend, after times of discussions, aiming at the particularity of oversea artists, AARI advocates artists in our institute take part in the new creative work for the new school of painting.

The new school of painting is temporarily named as “the North America Painting Style“, which means, the oversea artists as the main, with invited local artists, by depicting items with American characters like landscapes, flowers and birds, people, sights, etc, create a number of outstanding artworks with obviously features of North American.

We will mobilize artists and various social forces to work together to further develop this work. Artworks will be evaluated by Art Commission, and organized by AARI to hold a large world tour in China, the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, etc., to print dedicate art books, to invite local media tracking reports, that indeed form a new school of painting — “the North America  Painting Style“.

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表现内容 表现形式 绘画理论
美國山水: 大峽谷,赫氏古堡。。。  油畫


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