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“Love & Peace”—- the Global Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, which is organized by America Arts Research Institute, Chinese American Artists Association, and American Chinese Painting Institute; co-organized by Weibo Cultural Centre, University of the West, Universal Chinese publishing group inc., American International Cultural Exchanges Foundation, and undertaken by Beijing Wusetu Cultural Inv. Co., Hong Kong Classic World Record Co., and American Golden Maple Arts Inv., has been supported by communities in many ways. Total 807 artists participated in the activities and we received 862 pieces of art works.

After preliminary evaluation by the Organizing Committee, the final assessment was performed by the Arts Commission. We get one First Prize, three Second Prize, and ten Third Prize.

In order to thank the support of twelve artists who were invited specially, the Organizing Committee set up the Special Prize.

Many artworks are pretty good but did not pass the final assessment due to the limited prize. Therefore, the Organizing Committee specially set up the Consolation Prize.

And to present the appreciation to the organizers for their hard work, the Organizing Committee set up the Best Organization Award

Accordingly, the Organizing Committee get fifteen Consolation Prize, and ten Best Organization Award.

The list is as follows:

Special Prize:
Ting Shaokuang, Liu Dawei, He Deguang, Chen Chuanxi, Zhang Jingcheng, Zhou Pingguang, Su Bodou, Zhu Chengjun, Tao Haixin, Li Bingqi, Gan Fuzhong, Sun Huili

First Prize:
Lin Xiaozhi


Second Prize:
Ding Youhai, Helen Luan, Kirk Zhang


Mr. Ding Youhai’s “the Love Song of the Grand Canyon”


Ms. Helen Luan’s “Lotus”


Mr. Kirk Zhang’s “the Master Hongyi”

Third Prize:
Zhu Long, Qian Zifen, Zhang Jiqiang, Yang Yuanwei, Liu Dingrong, Pan Jinzhi, Xin Pengjiu, Xie Tiancheng, Xu Benzhang, Wang Jiajun

Consolation Prize:
Li Jiuyi, Yun Quan, Wang Bingku, Wu Youguo, Song Yiping, Duanmu Xianggong, Cao Ying, Tao Kunzhong, Yu Xueping, Ren Dedong, Meng Fanwei, Zhao Hongbo, Xue Jinggai, Wang Bin, Zhao Congguang

Best Organization Award:
Chen Guozhong, Yao Jiazhen, Zhang Di, Zhang Kaiting, Zhang JIng’an, Yu Wentao, Gao Yunqing, Cao Xianmin, Lu’an, Zhang Dafeng

Thank you for taking part! Thank you for hard work of the Arts Commission, and thank you for invited artists’ support.

The Charity bazaar is in preparation and is scheduled to be held in the middle of August.




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